STELLA with more than 25 years of experience in the trade of furniture, blouses, pajamas, pajamas, sportswear, beachwear. The company has an expanded network of retailers throughout Albania and beyond and its products can be found in any city under the STELLA brand. The success of decades of high-quality products has made STELLA a supplier in many parts of the world. This company offers the highest quality products in our market and in Europe, offering affordable prices. This company has proven its success in various countries.

The customer is the center of our unique business model, which unifies design, production, distribution and sales, through the extensive network of our stores.

Certified in 2008. We are located in Shkozet only 1 hour of air travel from EU countries. This company was founded in 1995 by the Matuka brothers. Today they have a manufacturing organization that numbers over 500 operators and more than 100 cars. The types of products the company produces include categories for women, men, and children. Such products are underwear, t-shirts, pajamas, pajamas, sportswear, beachwear. The capacity of domestic products 1,000,000 t-shirts 300,000, t-shirts 200,000, pajamas 80,000, nightclothes 60,000, beach clothes 25,000, sports clothes 50,000 Operations occurring are cutting, sewing, ironing, quality control, packaging, production transport and application of stamp, stamp, stamp transfer.

Our programs are built based on detailed analysis, consultations, requests, and information collected by clients, experts in relevant fields, various business associations, consultants, and government agencies. They are constantly updated with technical improvements, legal, regulatory and normative changes. Each of our products is designed to be adaptable to new and even specific customer requirements.

For 25 years a company like STELLA has been able to create a reputation and become part of a serious market with fierce competition. The company has already listed its name as a reliable company worldwide.

You need to be unique in order to survive and then succeed.


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